candidatesAs a recruited candidate working with The Midelis Group, you can be assured that we operate in the strictest of confidence. We will never send your information anywhere without your prior knowledge and approval.

Some of the companies we work with have been our clients for over a decade. The hiring authorities and key decision makers understand how important it is to protect your identity. We work with you to find out not only your needs and goals, but what environment and chemistry make for a solid match. Over 80% of the individuals we helped better their careers were not actively looking to make moves. We presented opportunities that have taken their careers beyond what their current companies offered both monetarily and by way of career advancement.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Recruiter?

The Midelis Group consists of a group of specialists in the legal, construction, engineering, and real estate development industries. Our group has contacts within your field of interest and we have inside knowledge of companies that might be a perfect fit for you. The Midelis Group has a team of professionals who can help you through the many challenging aspects of considering a position, the interview process, and the negotiation process. Other benefits of working with The Midelis Group include:

Exclusive opportunities including retained searches that you may not find anywhere else.

Many top executives work exclusively with executive search consultants to find the right talent and will not post the position elsewhere. This trend is increasing in positions in executive level positions. Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, and Human Resource Directors do not have time to look at the high number of unemployed individuals. They rely on The Midelis Group to save time by presenting qualified candidates who are strong matches for their needs.

The Midelis Group has a unique insight about the position, company, and interview process that will prepare you for the interview process.

A prepared candidate comes away with a better understanding of what the hiring authority is seeking and what a candidate’s needs are to make a career move. The Midelis Group is there to coach you through these steps so that you leave a lasting impression with the key decision-makers at the hiring company.

The Midelis Group is proud to communicate feedback from a firm or company in a timely manner.

If the position does not seem like a much better opportunity one should stay at their current place of employment. If it does seem like a better potential opportunity, we will help expedite the process. All this is done in the very strictest of confidence.

Candidate Testimonials

  • Jim provided quality executive search services during my recent contact with him. Even though I was not actively looking to make a career move, Jim’s knowledge and feedback about the client was very helpful. I was also impressed that Jim put me directly in touch with the decision makers. I would recommend Jim as an excellent contact in the executive search industry. Recruited John Lavelle as Senior VP of Preconstruction at Coastal Construction

  • It has been a pleasure working with Kelly Clavijo. When Kelly contacted me, I was not actively looking to make a change; however, she provided me with great information and made me feel very comfortable in being able to make a change and it turned into a tremendous opportunity for my career. I would highly recommend The Midelis Group to anyone looking for an executive search firm in the construction industry. Recruited Omar Lopez as Senior Project Manager at Altman Developers